Thursday, February 24, 2011

Natrual rubber prices fall

In the domestic market natural rubber prices fell by Rs 7/- to Rs 231 per kg on 23rd February and today by Rs. 3/- to Rs. 228/-, due to fall in the prices in the international and domestic future markets.

The prices of natural rubber at the Kottayam market on 22nd February was at Rs 238/- per kg, which came down to Rs. 228/- as on today, a fall of Rs. 10/- per kg in two days.

Today prices of natural rubber (RSS3) in the Bangkok market closed at Rs 288.02 per kg as against Rs 289.31 per kg on 23rd February 2010.

The prices of rubber at Shanghai, the largest consumer, have also fallen as the demand from China is declining. According to General Administration of Customs, China's natural rubber imports in January declined 14% compared with the same month last year to 147,382 metric tonnes. January's natural rubber imports were down 19% from December, when 181,542 tonnes were imported.

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