Monday, March 14, 2011

Natural rubber prices at Rs. 185/- per kg.

Natural rubber prices on 14th March reached at Rs. 185 a kg, a fall of around Rs. 56 from all time high, on the back of declining rates in the international markets. The price of rubber in the domestic market was Rs 230 per kg on 5th March, with in seven trading session the price has fallen to Rs. 185.

The prices of natural rubber have fallen in the major international physical markets like Malaysia, which affected prices in the domestic market. Natural rubber in the international market at Bangkok was being sold at Rs 223.74 per kg on 14th March, against Rs 267.53 per kg as on 7th March.

China was buying less rubber due to fears of more unrest in Libya, which could affect crude prices further and may affect automobile sales. Prices have also been affected due to the financial year coming to an end, as business houses during this time carry minimal stocks. Besides that farmers are also bringing some produce in the markets, which too had partially affected the prices.

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