Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rubber industry sets up RSSC

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) have formed a Section 25 company - Rubber Industries Sector Skill Council (RSSC) for the development of labour intensive rubber industry. Under the RSSC project, the number of trainees to be certified over a period of 10 years will be close to 700,000 with another 300,000 in-service personnel.

An MoU has been signed between NSCD and a partnership formed between AIRIA and Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) to jointly promote RSSC. The MoU was signed by chief executive officer and managing director of NSDC - Dilip Chenoy and AIRIA president - Vinod Simon, in the presence of Rubber Board chairperson - Sheela Thomas and ATMA vice chairman - Anant Goenka. AIRIA and ATMA will jointly infuse equity in RSSC. NSDC has agreed to fund the formation and operations of the RSSC through a combination of grant and loan.

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