Thursday, June 28, 2012

Impose anti-dumping duties on cheaper rubber products

Import of finished rubber products from China and the nearby countries is threatening the existence of small non-tyre manufacturing industry in India. Small rubber units manufacturing products like balloons, gloves, latex foam, rubber mat and sheets have either closed down their operations or are on the verge of closure.

The imports of cheap finished rubber products have been on a rise during the past few years. These articles have been largely coming from China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. These products, after all the freight and landing charges are quite cheaper than Indian finished products. We have heard that the governments in these countries are very pro-active towards exports and provide the exporting units with subsidies and incentives that make the end product cheaper than the Indian goods, said Vinod Simon, president of All India Rubber Industries Association.

According to All India Rubber Industries Association, 30-40% of small rubber units are under serious threat. Industry insiders believe that around 15-20% such units have already closed operations and another 10% was in process of doing so. Hence, All India Rubber Industries Association has asked the government to impose anti-dumping duties on these cheaper rubber products.

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