Monday, August 12, 2013

Car sales down

According to a data released by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, India’s passenger car sales declined by 7.4% to 1,31,163 units in July 2013 from 1,41,646 units sold in July 2012. Motorcycle sales in July 2013 declined by 1.52% to 8,09,312 units from 8,21,821 units, two-wheeler sales declined by 0.06% to 11,31,992 units from 11,32,696 units, sales of commercial vehicles declined by 14.93% to 55,301 units from 65,008 units in July 2012.

India’s exports rose 11.64% in July to $25.83 billion and imports fell 6.2% to $38.1 billion, when compared to July 2012. The trade deficit was at $12.27 billion, keeping pressure on the current account deficit.

At Kottayam, RSS4 grade closed at `.195.50 a kg, while Malaysian SMR20 closed at `.143.59 a kg. On the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, August futures series closed at ¥260, September at ¥262.6, October at ¥262.2, November at ¥262.2, December at ¥263.6 and the contract for delivery in January 2014 closed at ¥265.2 a kg, after touching a high of ¥266.3 and low of ¥261.3 a kg. While on the National Multi Commodity Exchange August futures were trading at `.194.95 a kg, September at `.186.25, October at `.177.20, November at `.170.01 and December at `.170 a kg. at 4.50 pm IST.

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